İngilizce Sanat Atölyesi 7-9 Yaş (Cumartesi)


05 Haziran 2021, Cumartesi 12:00 – 19 Haziran 2021, Cumartesi 12:00 (Birleşik Krallık Saati)



Hello Everybody,

We have a brand new news for you! Are you ready to bring a new perspective to our “Art” lessons that children of all ages enjoy? How would you like to bring art and English together and have pleasant adventures and learn both art and English? Then Qbicart excitedly presents: Art in English!

Welcome to Qbicart’s brand new workshop “Art in English”, where we  support language development through art. These workshops are colorful workshops where we will support our children’s English learning and language acquisition, and at the same time provide them with a unique artistic experience. These workshops, where we will learn a different artistic concept, artist, technique or art trend  every week, are conducted in 100% English. In our workshops, we will acquire different terms, words, patterns and acquisitions every week. Most importantly, we will use English as a communication language in this workshop, and we will have joyful moments in our language development.

Art in English

7-9 Years -Saturday TR 14:00-50 minutes

Week 1

Caterpillar Day

This week, we will design our own caterpillars from clay (it can be project paste, salt ceramic, ceramic paste, etc.).  While making our caterpillar, we will shape our clay with our hands, thread it onto a stick  and color it if our project dough/clay is not coloured. We will make shapes on our caterpillar with the handle of our brush or the tip of a pencil. If we want, we can make it even more colorful by sticking small pieces of clay on it.


Clay / salt ceramic/project dough/project clay

Tongue sticks or any type of wooden stick without splinters (should be safe for children’s use)

Acrylic paint



Week 2

Colours of the Kitchen

This week, we will try to paint using fruits, vegetables, and spices that can be found in our kitchens. We will paint using fruits and vegetables of different colours and textures, spices, and drinks. Anything from the kitchen that may leave a mark on the paper will do the trick. We will observe the colours and textures of these vegetables / fruits and the colors they leave on the paper. We will try to create a composition while observing Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s artworks.





Various spices/seasonings with different colours

Different colored fruits / vegetables / food / drinks

Small bowls or containers

Felt-tip pens

Week 3

Artists’ Books

Books are not always books, sometimes they are “artists’ books.” This week, we will be inspecting a few artists’ books, and will learn a new technique for binding books differently.  We will bind our own books, and will think of a way to create a story worthy of our imagination.





Tape, mask-tape/paper tape (can be with different colours)


Lots of imagination