Museum Explorers (English Workshops)


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Museum Explorers

Museums are one of the best learning places for children. It contributes to the formation and development of children’s sense of observation, logic, creativity and imagination. Children get to know about cultures, approaches to art, artists and artworks in the museums. They also acquire awareness of protecting cultural values. Experiences gained in learning environments outside of school have a positive effect on the children’s life. Museum Explorers is a 2-month museum program that will take place in two different museums.

In the museum explorers program, instead of answering existing questions, children will ask their own questions and find answers together. In each museum workshop, our teacher will gather children around a museum and exhibition-related approach, and they will think and produce accordingly.

Museum explorer children will be given an explorer bag which will contain the materials they need during the museum visit. Children will continue to use their materials for both of the workshops. Book your place now to join this adventure that will last for 2 months.

About the Museum Explorers Program

Capasity: Max 10 Childs
Ages: (6-9 Ages)
Time:  11.00am (TR)

Museum Explorers with Maral Hekimyan Program Content

Hello everyone! This is Ms Maral, I am an art teacher and I love making drawings and paintings. I enjoy making artworks with my students and listening to their opinions about art and famous artists. If you want to create, have fun and discover with me,  let’s walk around museums together!

Casa Botter  (21st May)

Built under the blueprints of the renowned Italian architect Raimondo D’Aronco in 1900, Casa Botter, or Botter’s House, was recently saved from the brink of collapse through a year-long restoration process led by a group of experts, who have transformed it into a distinctive culture and design center. The building is now hosting its first art show, “”Reveries, Truths,”” with the participation of several prominent Turkish artists.

Arter (10th June)

Conceived to coexist with a space, to embrace spatial references and associations, or to forge a different space altogether, the works of Sarkis are reinterpreted and transformed by the artist on every occasion they are exhibited. The exhibition titled ENDLESS, presented on Arter’s 2nd floor, brings together a selection of the artist’s works from the Arter Collection in the same gallery space for the very first time, endowing them with new life and new experiences.

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6-9 Age


Maral Hekimyan


11.00 (TR)