Qbicart at Pera (English Workshop)


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Qbicart at Pera

This workshop will take place during the semester break. We will visit the Pera. There, we will see both traditional and modern paintings. First we will discover Osman Hamdi Bey’s iconic painting: The Tortoise Trainer which was painted in the early 20th century with a very classic style. Next we will see the exhibition from the Portuguese painter Paula Rego. Her approach is discussing current issues in a contemporary style. So seeing these two completely different styles will pop various questions and will lead to new discoveries.


  • Sketchbook,
  • Any kind of color of their choice

Note : Children between the ages of 6-9 are accepted to this event and our quota is 8 people.

Date and Time : February 5th, 12.30

Information About the Workshop

Our workshop will take place with the participation of at least 4 children.

For your questions, you can contact our Qbicart Parent Coordinator.📞 0531 494 84 43

We look forward to seeing you.


If the participants do not inform us about their inability to attend the workshop or classes 2 days before the workshop and classes take place, no refunds or changes can be made.

In the Qbicart Program that your child will participate in, we would like to publish the photos and videos to be taken on our social media pages and encourage more children to reach out with art. If you do not like these shares; You can contact Qbicart at +905314948443 or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Detailed information on this subject is available on the Terms and Conditions pages, which you will approve before purchasing a ticket.


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