Qbicart in İstanbul Modern!




Qbicart in İstanbul Modern!

We will embark on a wonderful journey with the children during this visit to the newly opened building of Istanbul Modern, which was established as Turkey’s first modern and contemporary art museum. The museum building, inspired by the sparkling waters and light reflections of the Bosphorus right next to Istanbul Modern, strengthens the relationship between the seaside and Tophane Park with its transparent ground floor design, based on the characteristics of this unique area.


    • Sketch book,
    • Color pencil

Date and time :  June 11  12.00pm

Buluşma yeri : İstanbul Modern 

Atölye Hakkında Bilgilendirme

Our workshop will take place with the participation of at least 4 children.

For your questions, you can contact our Qbicart Parent Coordinator 📞 0531 494 84 43

We look forward to seeing you.

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