The Child to Be an Artist




The Child to Be an Artist 

We set out with the intention of revealing all the artists of the world 5 years ago, we started to present our ‘The Child to Be an Artist‘ program to you in order to enable children to experience their art journey individually, to produce, question and express by discussing with their peers in a group.

Within this unique program, which we have prepared with our experienced instructors in the field of art education; There is a curriculum that covers all the themes and topics that the child reveals through their environment and perception of the world, from ancient times to modern art, from creativity that exists in nature to conceptual art.

In this program, which we have prepared for 6-9 age groups, taking into account their readiness, we establish online art groups with the participation of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 children. We can present our ‘Child that is going to Be an Artist’ program, which takes place for 1 hour per week, in Turkish and English language options.


Describe, analyze, and interpret artwork of students’ own creation. Analyze, interpret, and evaluate the form and content of works of art.


Burhan Doğançay and Walls

We will take a closer look at Burhan Doğançay, whose works have been included in the collections of world-renowned museums, and examine his artworks. The artist visited more than 100 countries and produced the Walls series, which earned him fame. Why did the walls within cities capture his attention so much? According to Doğançay, walls reflect everything that remains behind in the rapidly passing life. They are records of the flow of time, he says. Do you also think that walls tell us about cities and the lives of the people living in them? As we try to create a Doğançay-inspired composition with the materials we have, will we also be able to express ourselves?


  • Sketchbook, markers, pencil, coloring pencils.


Miró and His Sculptures

After examining the paintings of the world-renowned artist Joan Miró, which enlighten our imagination with his childlike drawings, we will talk about his sculptures that bring joy to the audience. Using materials that we see and can access every day, we will create our own Miró sculptures.


Let’s Meet Andy Warhol and Pop Art!

Let’s add some color! After discussing what Pop Art is, we will get to know Andy Warhol, who is closely associated with this movement. After sharing his works and short stories, we will dive into our own memories. Once we’ve refreshed our knowledge of color, do you think we can start mass-producing our own works like Warhol with a printmaking exercise?


Dancing with Keith Haring

Speaking of Pop Art, let’s not forget Keith Haring. After learning a bit about the artist’s life, whose works range from metro advertisement boards to wall art, let’s create our own choreography. Let’s see what happens with some music and paint!

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Ages 6-9