Exploring Gardiner Museum with Kids (12.00)




Exploring Gardiner Museum with Kids

‘We believe that children who express themselves through art will become unique, confident, empathetic, creative, solution-oriented, developing, and inquisitive individuals in adulthood.’ For this reason, we organise a variety of art discovery programs in the spaces where children live.’

Our program is located at the Gardiner Museum. The Gardiner Museum is situated in Toronto, Canada, and focuses on ceramic art. Opened in 1984, it has become a significant centre exhibiting ceramic works from around the world. The museum has a wide-ranging collection from classic English ceramics to contemporary global ceramics.

Together with the children, we will discuss ceramic art and later examine ancient pottery and animal figurines. We will complete our museum exploration by creating our own artworks inspired by the pieces we see. If you want your children to discover themselves through art with our expert Qbicart tutors, we invite you to join us on this unique journey!


    • Don’t forget to pack your sketchbook and colored pencils from home in your bag before you come!

Workshop Date :  19 May Sunday 12.00

Location : Gardiner Museum

Information about the Workshop

Our workshop will take place with the participation of at least 4 children.

For your questions, you can contact our Qbicart Parent Coordinator…📞 0531 494 84 43


If the participants do not inform us of their inability to attend the workshops or classes 2 days before the workshops and classes take place, no refunds or changes can be made.

We would like to encourage more children to reach out through art by publishing the photos and videos taken during the Qbicart Program that your child will participate in, on our social media pages. If you do not like these posts; You can contact Qbicart via +905314948443 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Detailed information on this subject is available on the Terms and Conditions page, which you will confirm before purchasing your ticket.

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